About Bugaboo

Introducing Bugaboo Business: a new online platform for the B2B market

Bugaboo makes some of the world’s best baby strollers. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company has grown over 20 years to sell successfully in over 50 countries. Acquired by Bain Capital in 2018, the company has embarked on a new global growth strategy that places substantial demands on digital performance.

Services Commerce
Technology Salesforce

The challenge

Bugaboo needed a new multi-country, multi-language B2B commerce platform in less than six months.

B2B is a significant part of Bugaboo’s supply chain, however this part of the business had an outdated digital experience. The demand for an improved ordering platform was clear. To align with expiring licenses and an accelerating enterprise roadmap, this was needed within six months.

Another essential feature was enabling sales managers to administer their retailers via the Salesforce platform: the system acts as a supporting tool for use by Bugaboo B2B sales teams rather than a separate channel.

The solution

In order to meet the demanding timeline, our approach was to build a lean MVP that leveraged out-of-the box features provided by Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. 

Despite the time constraints, the platform delivered the features needed to set Bugaboo on a successful path to a shared global B2B platform. 

These included:

  • Drop-shipping, where Bugaboo can directly deliver orders to customers taken by retailers, saving retailers inventory space and speeding up the process.
  • Complete enterprise connectivity via Apigee middleware. 
  • A modern premium UX consistent with the consumer branding. 
  • Two markets and two languages, now scaled to 50 markets and seven languages.
  • Embedding an Agile SCRUM way of working across extended teams, using a backlog and story points to manage scope.

The results

The new B2B global platform launched on time and within budget with an immediate uptick in orders and order value. 

We went from multiple-source B2B orders to a single-source platform, simplifying the system landscape, resulting in a decrease of operation costs. 

Alongside this, positive organisational feedback about the platform within Bugaboo from both the sales team and the retailers encouraged accelerated adoption and improved results. 86% of Spanish retailers were logged in within the first day of the launch. 

Managing to deliver a powerful MVP in a short time period within North America was a great success. Based on this, the solution has been rolled out globally, in all remaining markets.

  • 40markets
  • 4languages