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About Emakina.FM

The crazy radio station that brought us closer in confinement

As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, lockdown was declared in many countries. At Emakina, we’re lucky enough to be technologically advanced, with the ability to support remote working. However, lockdown marked the end of coffee corner and chats over lunch. It presented huge challenges for balancing work and personal lives, childcare and feelings of isolation.

Client Emakina.FM
Agency Emakina Group
Services Content & Motion design / User insights

The challenge

When everyone is put in a separate bubble, how do you keep them feeling connected and supported? ‘Netflix Party’ was trending at the time, allowing friends in different locations to watch their favourite shows with synchronized timing. What if we all listened to music together, like we do in the office? Or podcasts? Hey … why don’t we start a radio station?

“The difference between good agencies and bad agencies isn’t that bad agencies don’t have good ideas. It’s that the good agencies actually make them happen. And we did that, we had an idea and we made it happen. That says a lot about who we are as an agency, and about the people of Emakina.” Leon Jacobs
Creative Director, Inventor of

Our solution

The radio station was a wildly ambitious idea for bringing Emakina Group together, while we couldn’t be together. We created as a 24/7 digital radio station with all kinds of content, for Emakinians, by Emakinians. To connect, entertain, inspire and teach.

It was ‘The radio that should have been a newsletter’, said Karim Chouikri (CEO Emakina Group). He wanted to support the managers of the entities in ‘how can we communicate easily with the people in our entities during confinement, to offer support and keep them connected?” The concept of the pop-up digital radio station was presented, and he loved it.

Our approach to production:
• Sell the project internally
• Put together the core team and divide the roles
• Find the right platform and learn to manage it
• Identify the SPOCs in all the entities, on-board them and teach recording and editing
• Create a project management framework to follow up the content creation

• Find and upload a music database with each song in mp3 format
• Create formats (interviews, podcasts, inspiration talks, meditation sessions, poetry, kids etc…)
• Pre-record all the jingles
• Manually upload and queue the program for each day on the radio platform
• Put content on the website’s radio player
• Create posts to promote internally

“I’m never going to be scared of a project ever again. If we can do this, we can do anything. I’m ready to sign for the next crazy, 2 a.m. idea of Leon.” Aline Durand
Head of Insights, Radio Manager


The team had never made radio before, other than our sound engineer. We threw ourselves in, learning on the fly and quickly building expertise. The technical set-up involved managing content in the backend of an online radio platform. We created an identity for the radio using voices and sound. Teams from across the entities came together remotely to collaborate on the project and deliver quality content. We managed the site where the radio player lived and promoted the concept to make sure the audience tuned in.

The results

• was created from conception to go-live in just 6 days (and nights!)
• 24/7 on air for the whole lockdown
• Mix of content that was fun, warm, expert and relevant
• New skills:
   - Our Talent Recruiter became a radio producer
   - Our Head of Insights became a radio manager
• The team went over and above their professional roles
• Good vibes and positivity spread throughout the Emakina family

When Children’s Day was celebrated in Turkey, it was shared everywhere. We learnt about traditions in Turkey and broadcast interviews with mini-Emakinians (colleague’s children) about what they thought their parents did for work - cute and hilarious!

“It was crazy. At 7.05 a.m. I’m ringing Coline, our radio producer. She’s just up and answers with a toothbrush in her mouth. I’m going: “I have 4 birthdays to announce today after the 9 o’clock news, and they’re all from Turkey. How on earth do I pronounce their names?” 15 minutes later I have a recording in my mailbox. Somehow we always managed to make magic happen on this project.” Sarah Claeys
Storytelling Manager, Voice of Emakina.FM