Kinderfonds MAMAS

Project description

Harvesting the fruits of charitable giving

With just €7 a MAMA can help feed an entire family in South Africa. Emakina created a striking campaign for Kinderfonds MAMAS that resulted in enough donations to fund around 20 000 vegetable gardens – helping to break the poverty cycle and giving hope to thousands of children.

The challenge

Every year, Kinderfonds MAMAS launches a big donation drive to remind the nation about the great work of this South African-based charity. In 2022, the focus was all about establishing more vegetable gardens – a simple concept initiated by local MAMAS themselves. But with so much need in the world, including a war right on their doorstep, how could we convince the Dutch public to continue supporting this worthy charity?

Our solution

To fuel our campaign with the right insights, we kicked things off with a creative workshop together with all internal and external stakeholders. These discoveries not only boosted our campaign direction but also built a foundation for great things we can do together in the future. It reassured the client that our messaging was powerful and relevant in trying times.

Website Kinderfonds Mamas

We collaborated on the landing page design to make donating as easy and enticing as possible. By donating €7, donors would receive the free, fully sponsored MAMAS cookbook. We also helped with the campaign strategy and media planning that followed a data and optimisation-driven approach. We helped spread the message across different channels like YouTube, Facebook and Google search ads.

The results

With Emakina’s help, the NGO added an additional 7,500 once-off donations to their budget, with an average donation of €17. The campaign also contributed to 400 donors that signed up for long-term monthly giving. Best of all, to date roughly 20 000 families have each received a vegetable garden, giving them back a chance of survival and a sense of dignity.

We’re extremely proud to play our part in changing lives and empowering women. We also look forward to an ongoing relationship with Kinderfonds MAMAS, assisting them with media planning and UX design, and continuing to find ways to grow this inspiring initiative.

  • 7500
  • 17
    average donation
  • 400
    long-term donations
  • 20 000
    families got vegetable gardens
Kinderfonds MAMAS is always looking for assistance and donations. If you want to contribute to help more MAMAS take care of vulnerable children, please reach out to Sas van Wijngaarden at .