About the project

100 years of memories: the campaign of the century

Celebrating an iconic brand's centenary is a rare thing, so KitchenAid wanted to capitalise on this special occasion to raise awareness and boost sales. Thanks to inspiring storytelling, contests and promotions, our campaign managed to boost awareness by 928%, which resulted in a 58% rise in transactions compared to the previous year, amounting to an extra 2.9M€ in revenues.

The challenge

KitchenAid wanted to seize the opportunity presented by its centenary to raise awareness. Emakina had three months to plan all the phases of the EMEA region of the campaign to capture the imaginations of users and maximise the impact of the momentous year.

Our solution

We developed a campaign in three phases: awareness (inspiring storytelling), engagement (contest) and conversion (25% off the anniversary range) to sell stock and generate traffic.

The planning involved the study of the target audiences to draw out insights into their needs and motivations. We developed the creative concept around the slogan of ‘Keep making memories’ to celebrate the cherished memories that are made in the family kitchen.

The campaign was highly emotive, with imagery of families enjoying the process of making food together. The copywriting was warm and personal throughout, relating to the senses and the way that the smell, taste and look of certain dishes stay with us through life. Emakina teams produced all the assets across the website landing pages, product pages, videos, point of sale material and social content. We managed the media strategy for every channel across six markets (UK, FR, DE, IT, SE, BE) and one exclusive birthday event.

The results

By appealing to users on an emotional level and inviting them to share their own stories on social media, we were able to deepen connections with the brand and generate interest.

The results compared to objectives:

  • +
    brand awareness
  • +
    ad impressions
  • +
    engaged sessions

Impact compared to the previous year:

  • +
  • 2.9M€
    in revenues