Emakina is now part of the epam family
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About Lindemans

The Lindemans family brewery in Vlezenbeek on the outskirts of Brussels, makes beers with a difference: the valley’s airborne wild yeasts spontaneously ferment liquid extracted from malted barley, to produce what’s known as lambic beer. The 'mother recipe' might not have changed since a 1559 decree, but every brew still relies on nature and chance.

About Lindemans

Wind of chance rewards with prizes and unique beer

To create a fun promotion to boost sales, increase engagement and strengthen the Lindemans brand, the Brabant brewery reached out to its long-time partner, Emakina. Our campaign idea, ‘Wind of chance’, perfectly summed up the brand’s main difference – making beers fermented by wild, airborne yeast. It also opened the door for memorable future campaigns.

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