Skoda Sales Club

About the project

Bespoke gamification platform boosts staff motivation

ŠKODA wanted to build an internal loyalty platform for its dealers from where they can track their career path, identify career opportunities and participate in challenges. Together with Selligent, Emakina created a community called ŠKODA Sales Club which helped to boost team spirit and learning through gamification – plus a bit of healthy inter-dealership rivalry. 

The challenge

With many dealerships scattered across BelgiumŠKODA needed a tool to make employees feel part of a unique community – one that offers a clear view of career prospects and training. At the same time, they wanted to rustle up a bit of competition between branches, with rewards to top performing individuals. In summarya fun, interactive way to train the very best salespeople and make them feel appreciated by and committed to ŠKODA. 

Skoda Sales Club desktop mock-up website

Our solution

To achieve all these multiple objectives, Emakina developed a complete gamification mechanic in collaboration with Selligent – tailor-made for ŠKODA’s business challenges. This bespoke platform contained three important features to help staff better understand career prospects and training goals 

Firstly, each staff member has an overview of all the badges that can be achieved (linked to passed online trainings/certifications) and medals to collect (for achieving a specific career related KPI, impressive sales volumes, etc.). Secondly, ŠKODA would run regular challenges with defined rules and attractive prizes – for example, which dealership can sell the most Fabias for that month, or best decorate their showroom. Finally, all badges and challenges won can be followed on a leaderboard. This, in essence, summarises the best performing salespeople of the year.  

The result

ŠKODA was delighted with the custom-made tool Emakina created. It plays its role perfectly in helping individuals and teams set short and mid-term goals – all packed up in a fun gaming experience.