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About Sodexo

Smooth transition for over 1 million voucher-users in Belgium

Sodexo is a world leader in ‘quality of life’ services and its Public Benefits Department manages service vouchers and other programs for the Belgian federal and federated authorities. On winning the contract once again, Sodexo came to Emakina to reimagine the service and make it better for users. 

Client Sodexo
Agency Emakina.BE
Services Applications / Content & Motion design / Digital advertising
Sodexo smartphone

The challenge

Sodexo sought to reshape and enhance its service voucher landscape and delight users with cutting-edge digital applications.  

We had to deliver 3 informative websites, 4 mobile applications and 6 application portals within a few months, ensuring a smooth transition for 1.2 million service voucher users.

The focus was not only on maximising platform scalability, but also on ensuring flawless security to protect customers and accessibility for visually impaired users.

Our solution

Emakina identified key phases of the project and worked on simultaneous work streams. From discovery and technical analysis, designing a prototype and implementing user-centric technical architecture, to front- & back-end development of the new portals, we executed projects in parallel to maximise efficiency. We also defined and executed a transition plan for the systems and phased the migration from various platforms to the new portals to provide a seamless user experience.

The technology

The project’s strong technical stack included an informative website based on Kentico CMS, hosted on Azure Cloud and front-end in Typescript and React (web portals) / React Native (mobile applications iOS & Android).

This allowed us to modularise code base between React and React Native, leading to around 70% of the code being either fully shared or largely similar. By opting for a mono-repo strategy, we enabled the sharing of modules and mutualisation of updates.

Everything was instantly available for all team members by implementing a proper front-end architecture and implementing a screen already developed for web on mobile.

A flexible and dynamic theming system was chosen to change colours, fonts and graphical assets to vary the style (allowing reusability, skin customisation etc). As well, each front-end application is served by a .Net back-for-front (BFF) service hosted on Azure Cloud.

Business logic and storage are processed in the existing system, exposing an API layer and a CICD implemented for the project allowed several releases per day by the dev team.

The results

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, who welcomed the increased accessibility and experience offered by the new platforms. Emakina’s close collaboration with Sodexo enabled a smooth transition for all users.

Today, Emakina and Sodexo are still collaborating in the same spirit, delivering continuous improvement for all users, workers and voucher providers’ portals.