About YAW

Empowering wellness users across all touchpoints

When B2B wellness giant KitoZyme launched YAW in France, it was its first time selling straight to the public. Emakina was up for the mammoth task of getting this product to market, from in-depth market analysis and a new brand identity, to a content strategy, e-commerce platform, CRM, videos and much more. The result: French users loved these innovative all-natural well-being products.

The challenge

How does a B2B wellness pioneer bring its first consumer product to market? You call on the User Agency. Inspired by this innovative range of wellness products, Emakina delighted in the task to own the entire scope of the project, from research and branding to content strategy, social media and e-commerce.

The wellness industry has an overwhelming array of products for users to choose from, so we needed to clearly define YAW’s potential buyers and map their needs. Emakina/Insights did an in-depth competitor analysis, before studying target users of weight management and digestive health products.

The solution

To create a standout brand with a positive, empowering message, Emakina came up with the catchy name YAW (‘You Are Wonderful’). This name celebrates individualism and carries a message of positive reinforcement for KitoZyme’s brand of body-boosting products.

We then had to match this cool name with a strong, immediately recognisable brand image. Our design team managed the entire packaging design process, focussing on quality and innovation. A custom hand-drawn typeface immediately gave the products a fresh look that breaks away from category conventions.

We also set the tone of the brand’s CRM flow. From newsletters to purchase confirmation emails, our copy reflected the positive spirit of the brand. For YAW’s social media, we came up with humorous posts focussing on well-being and a positive outlook. #WonderfulStories told the experiences of real people and their YAW products. Emakina/Influx worked with influencers to spread the word about YAW and highlight the science behind them, while our motion team produced eye-catching YouTube videos.

The technology

From wireframes and analytics to design, our development team immersed themselves in creating the e-commerce platform – an all-important task since YAW products are only sold online. Magento technology helped to offer a seamless online experience that accentuates the unique product features through a crisp, clean design.

The results

YAW’s commercial, created by Emakina, aired on French national television and provided the client with great value for money while targeting a broad audience. Thanks to its standout branding, fresh tone of voice and slick web store, YAW is now in a position to expand its footprint across Europe.

  • 127.000
    video views
  • 3500
    average like on instagram
  • 80.000
    session on e-commerce platform
  • 100.000
    People reached via FB page monthly