A new Belgian Government within the next 100 days… Gottabet?

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

You’ve maybe noticed that, since more than 100 days, the current Belgian government is dealing with everyday matters only. So far, the attempts to form a new political coalition have failed. At Emakina, we’re optimistic people and we bet that Belgium will have eventually a new federal government within the next 100 days. Our bet on Gottabet.com (now Bragster.com) will run during 100 days (of course), unless a political deal is reached in the mean time. Once the bet is closed, a winner will be drawn by lot among the players who have guessed the right answer. He or she will get a free pack of Belgian beers carefully selected by our experts. As we’re superstitious people too, there will be no “Mort Subite” (“Sudden Death”) in the basket.

Check out this here to participate to our top topical.

UPDATE: Belgian media bet with us !

Actu24 (Vers L’Avenir)
De Standaard (note the great “Ekamina” in the title)
Het Laatste Nieuws
Het Nieuwsblad
Het Belang van Limburg
Gazet van Antwerpen

UPDATE 2: reports on Mint, Pure FM, Ciel FM and Radio Contact (footage below) radio stations.

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