Brace Yourselves: Emhackinathon 2016 Is Coming

Author: Thomas Halter

After the great success of last year’s edition, the Emhackinathon is back! And the big star of this Emhackinathon 2016 is… *drum roll* CHATBOTS! Also called conversational agents, these bots are conceived to help you find goods, to access services more easily, but also for the sole purpose of entertaining us.


Organized in cooperation with Microsoft, the Emhackinathon offers a great opportunity for students who wish to show what they are able to do while networking with professionals. Coached by specialists, the teams will have less than 48 hours to conceive, design, develop, and deliver applications that offer a meaningful added value and enriched user experience.

Chatbots are only beginning to emerge, but they offer great potential, as they rely on existing channels (Messenger, Skype, speech recognition software etc.) instead of requiring the installation of yet another app on your already overloaded smartphone. They allow interactions in real time between brands and consumers, while skipping the maddening telephone calls that usually end up in bitter dissatisfaction, and sometimes distrust, in a company’s services. In 2016, no one has time left for telephone calls with strangers who get yelled at for a living while trying their best to help you. So it’s already a win-win perspective. Read Emakina CEO Brice Le Blévennec’s opinion and interrogations about chatbots here!


I mean, come on: look at these bots! It’s like a Pixar blockbuster waiting to happen!

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