Emakina celebrates first birthday in Africa

Author: Salome Smith

Last year, Emakina.ZA opened its doors in Cape Town, South Africa – the agency’s first foray onto African soil.

Emakina.ZA Executive Manager, Darren McKay, has helped grow the digital-first team to 21 staff members made up of UX and UI designers, motion graphics designers, video editors, producers, web copywriters, digital designers, technical project managers and digital project managers. The emphasis has been on hiring talented individuals who are well-versed in producing highly creative digital work for a global client base. 

“The vision for Emakina.ZA is to co-exist seamlessly with Europe on every level. From skill sets to talent, to business culture and overall energy.” says McKay. “The team works hand-in-hand with the Belgian office and offers local talent the opportunity to work on international brands and partnerships in a remote or office-based location. We’re very excited to celebrate our first birthday and prove that you truly can have your cake and it.” 

Tim Wolfs, Managing Director of Emakina.BE, says: “I’m thrilled to see the Emakina roots we planted in South Africa are growing strongly and we are excited to continue seeing it thrive. The country is rich in creative and technical talent, and we’ve been impressed with the rapid growth of the South African team in its first year.” 

Some of the clients that Emakina.ZA are working on include Nu Skin, Qatar Tourism, Dealertrack and KitchenAid. 

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