Emakina Takes Centre Stage at Geneva CREA Digital Day

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Emakina was back in full force as a strategic partner of the 8th CREA Digital Day in Geneva.

Geneva’s Crea School for marketing, communication and digital skills once more hosted a fine event, celebrating creativity and online expertise. Emakina feels right at home there as a long term partner.

Emakina’s Swiss team created the event’s crispy event website, with a new and original tool. Participants could allow a direct view of their photo on the long page event presentation, with a one click direct access to their LinkedIn profile.

This year, the team found itself in very good company. Besides adding our own two cents, LinkedIn and Tesla were there to host dedicated spaces and activities for the 800 guests. Participants lined up to try out the Treedy technology to create your 3D avatar, and enjoyed the try-out of the new model X and capturing perfect LinkedIn profile pictures.

Creating your avatar with Treedy

11 speakers shared their vision and insights on a broad range of topics, from the neuro-revolution to the codes ruling Youtube, from the growing importance of digital and staging events to growing a website’s conversion rate.

Emakina.FR president Manuel Diaz and Emakina.CH partner Arnaud Grobet were at the heart of the action, introducing speakers and moderating conferences.

The packed CREA auditorium getting ready for a new talk

Emakina Group CEO Brice Le Blévennec captured the audience’s imagination with his talk on technology and digital trends for a smarter world.

“I became a business man, unfortunately. I did not do it on purpose”, he said as an introduction, half kidding. Actually, he wants us all to keep the Peter Pan of curiosity and wonder alive in our hearts, to go on a journey to the land of new possibilities and innovation…

Last but not least, the crowd witnessed the exciting launch of Learning7, a new educational platform, hand-made by Emakina. The platform offers a unique mix of eLearning and face-to-face workshop. Marketing professionals share ideas in compelling videos, enhanced by motion design and interspersed with interactive exercises. The workshop adds direct contact with the experts, to challenge marketing concerns with peers.

Learning7 combines e-learning with workshops for a full training experience

More impressions on the event in the CREA after movie…


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