Emakina/Integrated designs a campaign against troubles with elections

Author: Luc Malcorps

With local and provincial elections approaching in Belgium, tension is rising for candidates across the land. Women more then ever have a key role to play in creating the new political landscape. Women power!

Enter the CFFB, the Council of French Speaking Women of Belgium. This apolitical, independent group of over 60 women associations asked Emakina/Integrated to invent a clever, provocative message to address the gender issue. Although it should be an obvious reality, many citizens still do not give female politicians the fair chance they deserve. Women can vote in Belgium since 1919 and the 50/50 parity rule exists since 2002. Yet only 9 % of all mayors in Belgium are women and only 35,1 % are city or commune councillors.

Emakina/Integrated compares the issue with a sensitive medical question. Do you have a medical problem that is election-related? The CFFB Radio commercial aired on Vivacité and Classic 21 asks the question using the typical tone of voice, so often used for ‘that kind of sensitive message’ and offers the solution.

The visual with the same ironic style also brings home the message.



So, ladies and gentlemen, it is high time to vote wisely and seriously consider female candidates as well.
This way, you will avoid to be a victim of an embarrassing health condition on October 14th, with possibly regretful consequences in the years that follow.



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