Emakina’s new meeting rooms inspire creativity

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina has inaugurated its 7 new exciting meeting rooms in its offices in Brussels. These new rooms show that Emakina is a cutting edge agency that actively wants to stimulate creativity in its teams and imply its customers and partners in this process. Each room has a particular atmosphere that fits with the company values and its fundamental belief in the power of innovation.



The 7 new meeting rooms each have their own specific theme: The Lodge, The Enterprise, The Tea room, The Castle, The Lounge, The Factory and The Theatre. The name of each room is accompanied by its own baseline. The Factory for example is “A room to remember that Emakina is a perpetual work Area”, while The Enterprise is “A meeting room to boldly go where no agency has gone before”.

So each room inspires its own way of thinking and offers its own mood, creating together a multiplicity of thought provoking environments. Every meeting, every presentation has now its perfect setting. This project, initiated by Emakina, was executed with the creative and practical support of Lezard Designers, experts in interior design.In the meantime, one of the rooms, The Lodge, has also become the natural environnement for the Geek Ranch, the agency’s  Emakina.TV, launched earlier this year.

Emakina believes that innovation is a key to success. Think out the box. The meeting rooms are part of this spirit, offering stimulating spaces to open up your mind.


 The LodgeWe love Technology. A room to remember our connection to nature.

The Enterprise A meeting room to boldly go where no agency has gone before.

 The Tea RoomGreat ideas are born of talents and time. A room for Zen meditation.

The Castle – The future is here! A room to remember it’s just unevenly distributed.

 The LoungeA comfortable meeting room for easy-listening presentations.

The Factory – A room to remember that Emakina is a perpetual work area.

The TheaterA room to showcase the great brand experiences Emakina builds.

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