Extra Q&A Session with Brian Solis

Author: Thomas Halter

Last June, Emakina organised a webinar with 8-time bestselling author and digital anthropologist Brian Solis to discuss the importance of innovation in the context of the current pandemic.

How can innovation boost businesses through this crisis? The business world is being changed and companies must already adapt to the upcoming post-COVID19 world.

The webinar was a huge success and many participants had questions that Brian didn’t have time to answer. He thus came back for an extra Q&A session with Emakina Storytelling Manager Sarah Claeys. You will find Brian’s answers to these questions in the videos below.

If you cannot or do not want to watch the videos but would still like to enjoy Brian’s insights, just click on the title of the videos to read the transcripts on Vimeo 😉

Pro Tip

Question #1: Normality and Innovation

Question #2: Past Mistakes & Future Actions

Question #3: Online Shopping & Consumer Behaviour

Question #4: The Future of Offline Shopping

Question #5: Customer Performance Indicators & Empowered Teams

Question #6: Corporate Values in a Post-COVID19 World

Full Q&A Session:

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