Google Developers Group meets at Emakina in Brussels

Author: Luc Malcorps

Lasst week Emakina in Brussels was – once more – the meeting ground for a fine collection of happy geeks. For the occasion, the Brussels Google Developer kind had taken possession of the main conference room.

EMAKINA_GDG_DEVELOPERS_Emakina_2Selim presents Square’s Otto library

Berlin based Android developer Friedger Müffke was one of the creators of the Android community in Berlin and Brussels. So naturally, he’s no stranger for our developers and Android-lovers and our people happily stepped forward to host this Google Developer Group meeting in Brussels.

Pizzas and soft drinks were ordered, laptops and projectors launched and, a good and interesting time was had by all. 20 motivated participants assembled to exchange ideas and notes on best practices in performing their Android magic.

GDG_Audience_EMAKINAThe Google Developers Group meeting at Emakina in session.

The event focused on two topics. After a warm welcome and some slices of pizza, the developers dived into Android libraries. These make their life a lot easier. Favourite libs were exchanged, pros and cons were reviewed and discussed.

The second part of the meeting addressed questions and issues related to Android testing. Friedger shared his insights on best practices for unit testing and continuous integration, leading to interesting interaction between the developers in the room.

Emakina_GDG_testing_typesFriedger Müffke shares best practices in Android testing

Great! Thanks for the enthusiastic atmosphere!
Vitaliy I. (Leuven)‘

“Very fun and interesting, great format, great discussions!”
Yannick L. (Brussels)


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