Now is your chance to interact with CE-E, the musical safety robot!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Following the two 3D animation videos we produced for the European Commission on toy safety, our new star, the CE-E Robot, has decided to create a Facebook page and interact with his fans. Thanks to the Facebook Timeline, visitors can trace CE-E’s life back to his birth.



This constitutes the first time in which Emakina builds and maintains a Facebook page for the European Commission and it is one of the few rare cases in which the Commission ever owned one. The page, which was launched today, will be updated daily by a collaboration of Emakina.EU supplying content, and Emakina/ Social managing the conversations. It will feature games and competitions; surveys; videos; and new original images of CE-E (like the one above). It will also present informative tips for parents about toy safety, ranging from conscious consumption to recommended usage and the psychological effects of toys on children’s development.


Wanna ask CE-E a question? Congratulate him on a new hit song? Or simply LIKE his page?

Visit CE-E on Facebook!


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