Order orchestration: Empower your entire business

Author: Mauricio Zanotta, Order Management Consultant, Emakina.NL

Being present in different countries with different brands is a real challenge. Customers have different expectations depending on where they live and the brand they are buying. And how do you as a company recognise a customer across different brands? Instead of struggling within your brands and regions, you can use them to empower your business. 

Three recommendations for an integrated cross-brand experience:

Cross-Region Fulfillment

What if your French website receives an order that can’t be fulfilled from a French DC or store. Can your French website check to see if the item is available in Germany instead? In short, if you can share stock and locations across your brands and regions, it gives you new ways to add value and convenience for your customers.

Cross Brand Click and Collect

Take advantage of every location of your network as a pickup point. A customer buying something from your brand A may live close to a brand B store, and prefer to pick up their order there. Imagine the cross-selling opportunities using your stores indifferently as a pick-up point for all the brands. 

Cross Brand Returns

Each store location can be used as a return hub for any of your orders. Returns will be much more customer-friendly if you have a larger network of stores to process them. 

Would you like to find out how to create an integrated cross-region, cross-brand experience for your business? Contact Mauricio Zanotta, Order Management Consultant at Emakina.NL. 

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