Three generations after its birth, Spirou is going digital!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

The all-time Belgian classic, published since 1938,  is now more than just a comic-strip journal! Emakina joined forces with Dupuis Editions, creating a digital extension of the comic strip in the form of the Spirou.Z mobile app. In doing so, Dupuis is targeting the children of 2013, using their preferred language: the touch screen.

The Spirou.Z app presents new editions of Spirou but not only! First, users can choose viewing ‘caption by caption’ (using TurboMedia technology), horizontal and vertical scrolling, or a digital flip book. Second, the app features original games and fun activities. Finally, users gain access to extracts from Dupuis’s multimedia archives, unveiling unedited content of the past 75 years!


The Spirou.Z mobile application is currently available for iPads (on the iTunes Store) with versions for Android OS and other tablets foreseen for the near future. The application will release new editions on a monthly basis.
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