Use your power to choose your power!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

The EU is taking proactive measures to open the energy market and ensure that EU citizens will have  the choice between different energy suppliers. This gives us, consumers, a new power: we can now change and get  the energy services (and the prices) that suit us best!. But how do you communicate that? How can the EU raise public awareness to this evolution of the energy market?

That is the challenge  we have been asked to meet by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy, a long-lasting Emakina client. The trust we have won from this institution allowed us to propose a somewhat bold approach when presenting the energy market competition in a viral clip, produced by Emakina.EU


This was a large-scale production, which required some of our greatest talents and an awful lot of work… It involved over 20 actors, whom we dressed in (literally) tailored-made and specially-designed costumes. We brought in our musicians, art directors, and lighting artists to ensure a unique and original atmosphere. Finally, post-production did the fine tuning to ensure that we convey the right humoristic tone. The result is an amusing clip which will surely attract consumers’ attention to the fact that now they have the power to choose their power.


Behind the scenes...

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