With Emakina, smart will fit in your purse

Author: Luc Malcorps

The German manufacturer of microcars and a long-time customer of Emakina, smart, has launched a new campaign with the creative help of Emakina to promote their new monthly payments system. The selected media for this action are varied and include bus shelters, large billboards and radio commercials for the campaign launch to bear its fruit.



With the new smart monthly payments system, having a smart car for 99€/month becomes reality. Emakina thus imagined a creative campaign which revolves around the idea of budget. The smart car is shown in situations that involve common daily expenses. For example, the car is placed in-between the words ‘restaurant’ and ‘cinema’ to examplify that a smart is not really more expensive than those everyday items. The print campaign is accompanied with three radio commercials to ensure an excellent multiplatform promotion for the microcar.


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