Emakina Group launches its own radio to support its employees during confinement

For almost a week now, Emakina Group employees can alleviate their homeworking-isolation by listening - and contributing - to the international digital agency's internal radio. This initiative was launched to connect the group's 1,000 employees in this critical period of social distancing. All Emakinians, spread across 13 countries, thus have the opportunity to socialise, inspire and support each other thanks to the good vibes shared on the group's radio.

A radio station to strengthen ties across borders

Teleworking naturally implies a high risk of isolation for employees. As an international group with cross-border projects, cooperation and solidarity between the different entities is a crucial issue for Emakina Group. The notion of distance in this period of crisis has become very paradoxical and, more than ever, strengthening links across borders can play a decisive positive role. From Dubai to Zagreb, from Brussels to Singapore, from Amsterdam to Izmir, Emakina Group's radio connects all the group's employees.

React, connect, innovate

This project took shape very quickly thanks to a combination of creativity and empathy, supported by Creative Director Leon Jacobs and Head of Insights Aline Durand. The management of Emakina Group immediately supported the initiative.

"In the current situation, it is more important than ever to react quickly and dare to innovate", says Emakina.be Managing Director Tim Wolfs. "In the space of a few days (and nights), we managed to create a radio that connects all our employees, 24/7. Emakina's strength has always been to combine talent, creativity and technological expertise in order to innovate and create user experiences - in this case, an employee experience - with high added value. This is exactly what we are doing together through this project of which we are very proud!"

A radio created by and for Emakinians

This radio is an initiative driven by employees, for employees. Motivated volunteers support the small team that orchestrates the project. They work together remotely, often outside working hours, to design the programmes, record the broadcasts and create new content and playlists.

In a veritable explosion of creativity, ideas for interviews and topics flourish, sometimes involving external experts. Programming also includes lighter formats such as meditation sessions, poems, contests, fake horoscopes and jokes of the day. The project, carried out with the help of in-house audiovisual content specialists, is adorned with dynamic jingles and wrapped in light humour, and proposals from Emakinians to produce more and more content and interactivity between employees are constantly coming in.

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