Pairi Daiza

About Pairi Daiza

Digital ecosystem shares the wonders of nature

Pairi Daiza is a unique zoological park housing over 7,000 animals in grandiose settings. A veritable Garden of Eden, it invites visitors to experience the wonders of nature, travelling between ‘continents’ and discovering fauna, flora as well as cultural and spiritual riches. In 2017 it decided to rethink its digital presence in line with its expansion.

The Challenge

The launch of its resort included the opening of immersive hotels and Pairi Daiza seized the opportunity to harmonise, strengthen and update its digital ecosystem across,, and the Pairi Daiza Foundation platform.

Following a multi-agency pitch, the zoological park mandated Emakina's experts to achieve its ambitious mission within just 3 months. At the time, Pairi Daiza was in the process of offering users the opportunity to book stays in the park. Since the gateway to this new experience was online, we had to create powerful visuals and digital itineraries for guests.

Before imagining and integrating a new look and feel for Pairi Daiza across its digital channels, the Emakina team knew that the first challenge was to identify and understand the various audiences, before designing online journeys and a harmonious design.

Our solution

For speed, we phased the project, while allowing certain phases to run simultaneously:

  • Identification and definition of website audiences (visitors, schools, groups, PRMs, etc.), notably using existing analytical data, in order to validate hypotheses.
  • Definition of a coherent and exclusive digital experience for each audience, while taking into account the business objectives of the park.
  • Formalisation of the different touchpoints in a detailed information architecture.
  • Creation of the new look and feel while respecting the multi-interface objective.
  • Technical analysis
  • Development including user-friendly CMS and integration into the ticketing platform.

An agile mindset enabled us to focus on our objective of a ''Minimum Viable Product''. The dedicated team included UX designers, Creative Director, Art Director, Technical Lead, developers and webmaster. This team was supervised by a Product Owner from Emakina and by a Scrum Master for the development phase.

The results

The challenge has been met. Individual users, schools, groups and corporate audiences can now land on the Pairi Daiza digital ecosystem and feel inspired and quickly informed.

Within 3 months, we provided Pairi Daiza with:

Pairi Daiza's own digital teams are empowered to share and update information and all the defined project KPIs are closely monitored.