Emakina Lead Android Developer Brings Nougat to Work

Author: Luc Malcorps

Benjamin Monjoie, Lead Android Developer at Emakina has made it a personal point of honour to celebrate each new version of Android with his colleagues.

So, this morning the good people at Emakina.BE found a refreshing message in their mailbox. Some fun information, in combination with Benjamin’s promise of wonderful candy. A nice way to start the day. Here’s what Benjamin wrote…
– – –


#NFor… ?

Hello everybody,

[TL;DR at the end]

It’s that time of the year where Google announces the name of the next version of Android. During Google IO, Google announced they had created a website to ask people to propose names. The propositions were many and there was even some lobbying from India to call it Neyyappam.

Amongst the other choices, there were :

* Nutella
* Nougat
* Nutmeg
* Nectarine
* Noodles
* Nachos
* Neapolitan
* …

[TL;DR start reading here]

And the next Android version name is called … NOUGAT !
So, as usual, to celebrate the unveiling of the new name, I have brought some.

Come by my desk and help yourselves !

Benjamin Monjoie / Lead Android Developer


And there was much rejoicing!


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