Today on RTL : Alexia Van Cranenbroeck commenting on Windows 8

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

RTL’s “Les Teknophiles” programme is dedicating its next show to Microsoft’s Windows 8, inviting Emakina’s Alexia Van Cranenbroeck  as a special guest. Alexia will share her thoughts and insights on what the launch of this new operating system really implies.

Windows 8 is a unique combination between a desktop and a tablet interface. Is that good or bad? Should we all upgrade to run Windows in Metro View; or should stick to the traditional desktop of Windows 7? Will the masses go out and buy touch screens to fully benefit from its potential? The programme will attempt to find answers to such questions and to many more!



Today’s programme (in the French language) will be recorded today, October 30, and will become available throughout the evening. Click here to watch it.


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