A telecom love story

Author: José Luis Santos

She looked at him while she was going up the stairs of Piazza di Spagna to get a closer look at the Obelisco Sallustiano. He looked back at her with a big smile on his face and said buongiorno! (with a rather strong English accent). She smiled back. They both knew from that exact moment that they had connected.

Probably with less glamour and romantic atmosphere than in Rome, DiD and BASE started a very productive relationship twelve years ago. Love? Not sure, but both shared something special… their passion for technology, innovation and customer satisfaction.

More than a decade

In these 12 years of challenging projects, we have built many applications and e-services together, from the first online top-up to unattended machines that enable customers to top up their amounts and pay their invoices. We have built fraud and risk applications, in-store sales applications and an online sales channel on top of Adobe Enterprise Manager and much more.

Yes, we had a very productive and diversified 12 years. However, we wonder what will happen now after the merger of TELENET and BASE. The new company, new challenges, a new crowd to talk with, share ideas, moments and success. It is easy to build a productive relationship with your customer when trust and transparency are two of the main company values.

Our priority will remain the same: deliver maximum business value that allows us to shorten the time to market, early evaluation of the product and product refinement.

We will also keep innovating: integrating the endless possibilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud (including Adobe Enterprise Manager), DevOps and Big Data further.

Do you want to have a group of folks that stands shoulder-to-shoulder helping you to achieve your company goals? Contact us!

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