Austrian Insurance Companies in Need of Digital Transformation Upgrade

Author: Luc Malcorps

The Webcheck of 23 major Austrian insurance companies executed by Emakina’s diamond: dogs agency gave the sector a poor report.
The company’s research proves the industry is only beginning its digital evolution, and the sector has great potential for development.


Insurance companies have to speed up their response to the growing challenges of the digital world, like many other businesses and industries.
Their customers not only want to be informed, they also demand fluent access to services and to their personal data, anywhere and at all times.
The service industries clearly no longer can deny the growing pressure of omni-channel digital competition.

To assess how Austrian insurance companies meet these demands, the Webcheck executed by the diamond:dogs agency analyzed the digital performance of selected companies. The digital agency already developed this tool in 2000, in collaboration with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, and has continuously optimized it over the years.

The “Insurance Webcheck” was conducted from July to September 2015.
23 companies were analyzed and rated in ten categories, over a total of 250 criteria, including social media, mobile optimization, accessibility and specific requirements of the insurance industry.


The research shows that the Austrian insurance industry has taken some important steps towards digital transformation. However, many of the examined websites are not sustainably future-oriented.
For the entire industry and across all categories, the study highlights the great potential for development and optimization.

The Austrian insurance business has some serious catching up
to do in the use of social media, the updating of content
and technical implementation, for instance regarding legally required cookie policies.

The specific needs of the insurance industry were also examined from a digital business process perspective. The study checked if companies provide the possibility to contract online insurance policies and to file online damage reports, the availibility of online support and digital ombuds-services, premium calculator tools and other customer services.

Three Austrian insurance companies scored well according to
the extensive Webcheck: UNIQA Versicherungen (71%),
Tiroler Versicherung (73%) and Zurich Versicherung (81%).

The average rating of 59% however shows that the industry still has plenty of room for improvement, in virtually all digital areas.


Want to read the entire 80-page study, and discover individual company results?
Contact diamond: dogs’ CCO Chris Budgen for more information

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