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Be optimistic, says Brice Le Blévennec in Elle

Author: Luc Malcorps

Should we all look gloomy and feel depressed?

Not according to Elle Belgium. Their editors think tomorrow will be a better day. So they asked 5 visionary people to let their light shine on the matter and look into the future. A food writer, an entrepreneur, a fashion creator, a scientific researcher and a pro digital communicator.

As their ‘pro digital communicator’ they chose no other then Emakina’s Brice Le Blévennec.



Image: Elle Belgique


It’s not as much about good news or bad news, it’s more about change, Brice says. Record stores are gone, but you have access to your music wherever you are.  And consumption moves from the material to the digital world.


The bigger trend then is that culture becomes ‘dematerialised’.

When you consume digital experiences instead of physical ones, you can access different worlds more easily, at lower cost and creating less pollution. The senses and the intellect can be fully active, without being hindered by the weight of material management issues. Less storage and maintenance, no more outdated versions, technical failures and environmental damage.


This opens up the door to a new civilisation, where the public has access to a whole world of creation and content, and creators can reach their audiences without obstacles and filters.

Creativity, collaboration, altruism, new digital experiences and sustainalbe food… there is hope for a better future. And for positive ideas and action!



Image: Elle Belgique




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