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Didn’t your mother ever tell you to scan your food before you eat?!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

No, she probably didn’t. But if Trustbox had existed earlier – she definitely would have!


Trustbox is a new app, designed by The Reference to allow (conscious) consumers to find out what’s in their food by simply scanning items’ barcodes. The app then lists the ingredients, displays nutritional values, and even warns allergic people of potential hazards! The data presented to the user is entered and/or validated by the manufacturer to ensure high accuracy of the information.




Trustbox was developed for GS1, an international not-for-profit association, dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across sectors. The organisation’s branch for Belgium and Luxembourg asked The Reference to make its database accessible for smartphone users. The new app is available for both iOS and Androids 

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