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Emakina Open House 2014

Author: Arnaud Grobet

“It’s the end of the website, as we know it!”

Every year, when fall arrives, Emakina.CH opens its doors to present key communications themes of the moment.

EMAKINA.CH_EVENT_End of the website

In a world where the boundaries between traditional communications, off- and online, below the line and above the line break down into a form of blow the line communication.
At our open house, we will show you why strategies need to be rethought and why the digital influence so significantly impacts the real world. Join us on October 1.

Throughout the entire day, we will welcome customers, partners, journalists and friends to discuss these key topics. Two conferences will be held three times during the day, covering the following subjects:

  • Kill the wireframes by Nicolas Forestier, director of strategy and creation.

Presentation of important elements to take into consideration in the framework of an Omni-channel strategy.

  • Welcome to the Phygital World by Michael Totta, director of mobile and multimedia applications within the Emakina Group.

Presentation and experience at the frontier of the physical and digital worlds.

At Emakina, we do far more than create your websites. We develop the ecosystems in which your customers live brand experiences.

“We, at Emakina, already live in the future. It’s probably the best place to understand the future of your clients. And by being close to you we are able to help you better.” Arnaud Grobet, Managing Partner of Emakina.CH. often says.

Conference hours: 8:30 am – 12:15 pm. – 4:30 pm.

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