Emakina presentation at the Mobile Forum

Author: Thomas Halter


Among the many speakers on the program of the Mobile Forum taking place in Brussels this Thursday, April the 2nd, Cédric Gyselinck will be representing Emakina. As Digital Natives, this is the kind of event we wouldn’t miss even if it meant using Internet Explorer to book our tickets.

Cédric’s presentation will focus on virtual reality and augmented reality – concepts we wish to unite under the idiom “digital reality”, better rendering how digital transformation is changing our concept of reality altogether. He will approach all of it in the perspective of business, marketing, branding and user experience.

Virtual reality & augmented reality = digital reality
If one needs further evidence of digital reality being the next big thing, here are some: Facebook buying Oculus for 2.4 billion dollars (rumours of a 2016 release under 300 dollars are spreading like wildfire), Google learning from the Glass failure to prepare the future after buying Magic Leap and Microsoft needing to deliver after teasing the world with beautiful Hololens teasing.

Customising reality through digital layers seems to be the next step towards digital transformation… Get ready to paint the world in your favourite colours!

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