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Emakina scans Food additives for the European Commission

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Having healthy eating habits has become a big trend in society. People pay more and more attention to what they eat. We now look at tags on products we eat, if they contain food dyes, preservatives or how many calories they have. Food additives are present everywhere, they are either natural or manufactured substances that are added to food for a variety of reasons, for example to restore the colour lost during processing, to add a sweet taste to the product or to prevent spoilage.




The aim of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Public Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) is to help make Europe Union’s citizens healthier, safer and more confident. Therefore, DG SANCO requested Emakina/Motion to produce a viral video aimed at SMEs, in order to communicate on the introduction of a more efficient, simplified and transparent procedure for authorisation of food additives.

The Commission considers it important that the concerned stakeholders as well as the EU citizens in general are informed about this new legislation. The ‘Food additives’ video campaign introduces Jim, a demanding customer in a restaurant who tests and scans all the food he finds on his plate.



The objective of this video clip is to attract attention to the SANCO website where all information about the use, safety and benefits of food additives can be found. The different scripts aim at delivering a positive message, a single idea and situation, often funny, easy to understand. Now you know there is no need to scan your food for additives, their safety has been scanned for you!



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