Emakina’s Virtual Car Configurator Stars at VR Meetup

Author: Luc Malcorps

This week, the 8th VR Meetup was staged in the Microsoft Brussels Innovation Centre. Virtual reality is the new frontier in communication and user experiences. It’s a great place for geeks with a flair for creativity and an eye on the future.
Of course, Emakina had to be there, and share one of its projects that leads us into the future.

The event, organised under the banner of EUVR.org, once more combined great speakers with excellent demos. VR experts but also people from business and communication backgrounds rallied to exchange ideas and get up to speed in this fast moving domain.


The Emakina team showed a demo of a car configuration that gives the public a rich virtual reality experience.  The proof of concept setup using the brand new HTC Vive was welcomed by the participants. They had fun trying out the gear and stepping into the virtual world of the configurator simulation.
On the more serious side, the merits of the VR configurator for the automotive industry were discussed, and its potential to find applications in other environments, where the same logic could apply.

Although it might seem like kids’ play to some,
virtual reality offers a real and valuable opportunity
for companies, far beyond games and entertainment.

VR can create convincing user experiences for business, organisations, and government. The potential includes learning and training, testing out products and services, and exploring art, beauty, health and science realities, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.


This great potential once more became apparent yesterday, at the VR Meetup.
And on a larger scale, this is what Emakina’s Cédric Gyselinck reported after participating in the VR World Congress VRWC earlier this week.
The Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive are all on the market in the first half of 2016. And the consumer edition of the Samsung Gear VR was already available some months earlier. So the future is happening right now.

Cédric Gyselinck commented: ‘The VR market is a great new playground for truly amazing user experiences. All we have to do is to unlock this potential. It’s great to see so many new opportunities. Step by step we are helping clients to use virtual reality to tell their stories and engage with their audiences.“

To give you an idea, try out Emakina’s F1 experience, on Android or Apple. Keep your cardboard viewer handy and your thrill suit on!

Or check out the Emakina’s Wingsuit experience…

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