Laurane, From Hackathon Star to New Colleague

Author: Luc Malcorps

The Emakina family is growing and we’re on a roll, with exciting projects, new technological solutions and above all, a magical melting pot of talent from various backgrounds. It is exciting to witness how new talent jumps aboard this fast train, and becomes part of the movement.

Laurane_colignon_EmakinaLaurane Colignon, already well at home at Emakina

Take our new Project Manager Web Building, for instance, Laurane Colignon.
What a wonderful story she’s living. Only four months ago, she was a curious participant in Emakina’s Emhackinathon. Full of enthusiasm, she joined the ‘Light Dungeon’ team in the Internet of Things Hackathon, ending second in the competition with the BioLux project.

The Hackathon was rollercoaster ride from start to finish for me. New people, a challenging briefing, laughter and sparkling exchanges. A great team and coaches staying up half the night, helping us to move the project forward. 48 hours of thinking, dreaming, inventing, and then making it happen. I really felt great, so very much alive!

After this exciting and nearly sleepless weekend, Laurane and her creative crew won a nice prize in the competition. But that was not all. Her role in the team did not go unnoticed. She left a very positive impression with all Emakina coaches, who praised her intelligence, strong will, open-minded learning attitude and team spirit.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 18.47.06Laurane during the presentation of The BioLux hackathon project

Step into a brighter future

So naturally, one thing lead to another, and only a week later, Laurane was at Emakina again, to meet key people in the organisation, to join the gang! She is now on board for four months, and already part of the Emakina family, and she’s really enjoying every moment of it. It can’t be an accident that the slogan of her BioLux Hackathon project was ‘Step into a brighter future!’.

It was funny to actually be walking into this building again, this time as an insider. During the Hackathon, all participants stayed on the first floor. I was curious to know what was happening ‘up there’, in the off-limits area. Now I I could really discover what it is to actually work here.

The beginning was very intense for Laurane. She joined a project team right away and quickly participated in all key meetings. The work for the client was exciting, demanding and ‘very real’, and every week she was immediately involved in delivering a new part of a complex project, that step by step became a new reality.

It all happened so fast. I was surprised to see how friendly and welcoming everyone. I quickly received technical and client briefings to guide me, and – a bit to my surprise – was invited to join in for important meetings. Quite impressive stuff. It was intense, but it felt logical, to the point, and I now feel I really am part of the team.

Imagine. You’re a bright young person with a keen mind and plenty of ambition. You’ve studied hard, your head is filled with knowledge and fresh ideas. Your creative mind wants to fly, and you’re looking for an outlet for your passion for innovation. Crazier things can happen! Ask Laurane, she’ll tell you!






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