Stanley/Stella: Quality Belgian Clothing Brand Revolutionises Retail

Author: Thomas Halter

Stanley/Stella is not just another Belgian clothing store. Their obsession is straight-forward: they want to reinvent the standards of the fashion industry. Quality clothes produced with high ethical standards while minimizing the factories’ environmental footprint are at the core of their business. But that’s not enough. Stanley/Stella is also redefining retail in a unique way. And their high expectations naturally influenced their choice to work with Emakina.

There are three main aspects to Emakina’s collaboration with the high-end clothing brand: the Stanley/Stella website, their POS tools and terminals, and the upcoming ecommerce. You can visit the website to know more about the brand, but you definitely have to visit the store to experience what makes Stanley/Stella so special. Because shopping there is unlike anything you ever experienced.

‘Remaining simple is perhaps the most difficult thing of all.‘ (Jean Chabert, founder of Stanley/Stella)

In the shop, you choose your garment within the collection on one of the terminals, its size and its pattern (you’ll even be able to use your own designs very soon). The item then gets printed or embroidered live and you can attend the process besides the professional machines inside the workshop. But you can also choose to chill in the lounge area, where many events will be planned, get work done in the coworking space or have a drink on the terrace while your clothes are being made.

The concept of Stanley/Stella is entirely user centric and designed for people who want high quality clothes. The chic, uncluttered, high-tech environment and process provide an amazing experience that turns curious visitors into loyal customers. I hate shopping, personally, and don’t really care about style and fashion. Yet I found myself thinking, for the first time in my life: ‘I’d like to check out that store’. And I don’t even live in Antwerp. It seems that Stanley/Stella managed to successfully make me want to buy clothes and look fancy, a feat I thought was impossible. Please don’t tell my mom, she’s been trying to do just that for 35 years…

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