4 shipping options to offer customers

Author: Emma Dijkstra, Expert Lead - Order Management, Emakina.NL

Consumer expectations are higher than ever. And they expect choices—especially when it comes to shipping options. Whether they shop online or in-store no longer matters, expectations remain the same.

What are 4 shipping options customers should be able to choose from?

1. Destination

Let your customer choose the final destination. Home delivery, in-store pickup, or even delivery to a locker or pickup point is standard. 

2. Time

Customers want to choose how fast their goods should be delivered to them. Express delivery at an additional cost? Or slightly slower, but cheaper delivery?

3. Expected delivery date

As more people return to the office and begin traveling again, it will become more important to offer accurate delivery dates and times.

4. Sustainability

Customers want to be able to choose sustainable shipping options (such as bike delivery). And, make sure you inform them about the impact of different shipping options. A service point pickup / locker  at their local supermarket might create fewer emissions than a home delivery. Allow them to make the choice.

Want to know more about how an order management system can help you to give you customers the choice they expect? Contact Emma Dijkstra, Expert Lead Order Management at Emakina.NL. 

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