4 Trends from the UBA Trends Day

Author: Thomas Halter

Anna attended the UBA Trends Day 2018 in Brussels and wrote about 4 trends that marketeers should keep in mind.

#1: Falling trust in media
Users trust media less and less, that is why it is crucial to find solutions that build trust towards your brand. For example, teaming up with social influencers for a real cause. Be careful to match yourself with influencers whose values correspond to your company’s values. A good example here would be teaming up of sport brand Under Armour and Yusra Mardini – Syrian Olympian Refugee. Yusra has a powerful story behind her which is emotional and inspiring. She swam for three hours in sea to push sinking boat carrying 20 to safety.

#2: Assisted development and cross-demographic causes
This trend is all about going against gender prejudices and giving people a chance to be happy in their own skin and their own reality. In the example below, skin care brand SK-II campaigns for promoting self-acceptance and acceptance by society of unmarried Chinese women.

Another example is Always’ campaign against limiting girls in their ‘masculine’ activities:

#3: Artificial intelligence and virtual reality solutions
Users love it when you bring them value, particularly in an innovative and fun way. So, why not go the extra mile and deliver your customers extra value thanks to AI and VR solutions?

For example, KLM developed a smart care tag that assists travellers in Amsterdam: “The smart audio luggage tag automatically provides visitors with location based verbal tips on how to traverse the city. The specially designed location-aware audio luggage tag consists of an offline GPS module and a speaker. While you’re walking or cycling through the city, it offers the right tip at the right location at the right time. All over Amsterdam, KLM plotted the voice of their caring crew at spots where people can use some extra assistance. A visitor can simply attach the tag to her/his luggage or clothes.”

Another great example is the Blue Leaf Cafe in Japan and their virtual dining companion, virtual Japanese star Hatsune Miku. Basically, if you happen to be alone during your meal, Hatsune Miku will join you as a virtual friend and chat with you.

#4: The glass box trend
Let’s be honest: you can hardly hide anything from public nowadays. Whatever you claim, they can check and find out the truth. What does it mean? It means that your company should be absolutely transparent and consistent in its adherence to stated values and culture. But users are also curious to see what happens backstage. Your internal culture is your brand. By showing what it is, you are both transparent and consistent in stating what your brand stands for.

For example, mattress brand Casper specialises in selling customers a good night sleep. What they do internally to promote that, is paying their staff to sleep and exercise. These activities are tracked via the IncentFit app in exchange for cash.

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