#Act4Work: Punk Might be Dead, But Your Future Isn’t

Author: Thomas Halter

Two weeks ago, Actiris and Emakina launched a bold campaign aimed at Brussels’ unemployed youth. Street art and hip-hop to the rescue of unemployed youngsters who lost faith in institutions: a stunning campaign filled with street cred’, hope, and the empowerment of a generation asking to build its own future!

Brussels street artist Steve Locatelli and rapper Vik Mc worked together with Emakina and Actiris to deliver a message of hope to youngsters aged 18 to 23, urging them to break the spiral of disappointment thanks to #Act4Work. Through a custom-made mini website, Act4Work.brussels, as well as a hotline (0800 35 123 or 8889 via text messages), they can get the help and advice they need to turn their situation around and take their future into their own hands.

The first step of the campaign happened in the beginning of February, with huge banners like this one displayed around the city:


Teasers also appeared on social media to catch the target’s attention online:

Then a new banner replaced the first one, with a clearly brighter message:


And finally, the full clip came out, where Steve Locatelli’s work is featured from a dark grey A to a shiny colourful Z as MC VIK’s music and lyrics accompany the whole thing:

With this campaign Actiris wants to confirm its long-term commitment to the young people in Brussels, as a partner they can trust to help them build a better future!

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