Catch your Next Digital Wave on Sept 13

Author: Manon Dubreuil

We’re hosting the third edition of our Digital Wave Event on September 13.

Are you ready for your next digital wave? Do you know which wave you want to catch? Emakina is on a mission to set your future goals in digital. We help companies to take the drop and ride their next digital wave.

Join us for this afternoon event, listen to inspiring speakers and get up to speed on what’s happening in digital commerce.

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Some reasons why you should attend:

  • Learn from the fascinating stories of INTERSPORT, ECCO and Rituals
  • Enjoy cocktails mixed by Alfred, our very own voice controlled bartender
  • Catch up with your network at the bar, shoot some pool or try out our VR area

See you on September 13 – save the date and register now. We’re looking forward to welcome you at our golden office overlooking the docks of Amsterdam.

Discover our speakers:

  • Jim Stolze – Tech-entrepreneur and innovation expert
  • Mia Ruotsala – Chief Digital Officer at INTERSPORT Group
  • Anne-Marie Blaire – Chief Digital Officer at ECCO
  • Martijn van der Zee – Digital Director at Rituals Cosmetics
  • Jorij Abraham – Moderator

Get together. Think out loud. Let the ideas flow.

Who should join?

Senior professionals who are on top of their field in the online retail and e-commerce space (C-level/eCom/Digital Decision Makers).

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