Dinner Date: B2B in e-commerce

Author: Kim Sterenborg

Dinner Date ecommerce b2b

Go on a dinner date with Heineken – The BLADE and get the insights on their digital transformation story. Meet, talk and learn during the Dinner Date on e-commerce in B2B. 

It’s not only very exciting to work on, or in, e-commerce in B2B, it’s also very complex. The people who know that best, are people just like you: your peers. Together, we can master the challenges of digital transformation in B2B. 

On Thursday November 28th you have to chance to dine with peers from leading B2B companies in The Netherlands. We’ll be serving you a beautiful dinner in the renowned private dining area of The Dylan in Amsterdam where you will have plenty of opportunity to network. 

One of the speakers: Heineken – The BLADE 

To kickstart the evening, we have an amazing B2B story to share. Krijn Jansen, Manager The Blade Company at Heineken, will talk about lead generation through growth hacking and the dynamics of a corporate start-up. You can expect insight into how The BLADE maximizes the speed and agility of their fledgling business, and how they deal with their corporate multinational parent.

The attendees

The Dinner Date e-commerce in B2B is meant for CEO’s, CMO’s, CTO’s, Managing Directors, Marketing Directors, Commerce Directors, eCommerce Directors, Chief Digital Officers and IT Directors. 

Organized by Emakina and Salesforce

This Dinner Date is organised by Emakina and Salesforce. Don’t worry about sales talk though. We are there to join and add to the conversation. No sales tricks and techniques. We promise. 

The small print

  • Maximum of two attendees per organisation. 
  • This event is invite-only. 
  • Want an invite? You can request an invitation code via Eventbrite by clicking  on ‘register’ and choose ‘I want an invitation code’. After this, we will review your request based on availability and business fit.
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