Emakina and Selligent organise ‘Connected consumer’ CRM dinner

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Integrated customer experiences, CRM and e-commerce have become vital in the battle for the consumer’s heart.


That is why Emakina and its partner Selligent, global leader in multi-channel marketing, stage a knowledge dinner on March 6th at the Amsterdam ‘The Dylan’ hotel. At the event, both companies want to show marketers and IT experts how they can benefit from the golden opportunities offered by intelligent dialogue marketing.


Their common customer, Floris Regouin, Head of Digital Marketing at Samsung Benelux will add his part of the story, as their special guest.


The question of how you can best reach the ‘connected consumer’ through smart CRM solutions is becoming increasingly important for companies and organisations. In recent years Emakina and Selligent have built an impressive reputation in this field, with customized solutions for their customers, and they also found synergies as partners.

For Samsung, this led to results that were internationally appreciated inside the Korean company and received recognition by way of several communications awards.



Smart CRM is vital to interact with people who are always online
                                                                                                                           Photo: James Whitesmith


Geert Rietbergen, CEO of Emakina in the Netherlands: ’We are already well advanced in what we can achieve with our integrated approach. But there is much more to come. The future is promising and exciting, with the arrival of the ‘Internet of Things‘ and the reinvention of what companies need to do to be successful. We look forward to hearing our CEO Brice Le Blévennec develop this at the dinner.’

Jan Teerlinck, VP Product Marketing at Selligent will be the second speaker. He is enthusiastic: ‘As a brand, you can learn how to deal intelligently with people who are always and anywhere online, in our new digital world. Together with Emakina we develop long-term, valuable relationships with consumers and reach significant growth for our clients.‘

Floris Regouin, Head of Digital Marketing at Samsung Electronics Benelux then will explain how CRM is used (and can never be neglected) in the development of Samsung’s leadership in digital and social media: ‘We place the customer and customer experience at the heart of our world. We increasingly deepen techniques for conversion marketing and interaction, to  really touch the connected consumer and create personalised digital relationships.’



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