Emakina Brussels’ Studio Team goes to IMAL

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Yes, we admit that exotic digital music instruments and real time visual and audio software synthesizers have no direct relation with our day-to-day work. But remember, we love technology, creation and the infinite possibilities of their combinations, … passionately.

The exciting feeling of power that a new digital tool or software has given us is often the reason why our Studio creatives have chosen their field of activity. We wanted to please them with a little recreation during summer, reward them for their continuous efforts in delivering state of the art websites and campaigns, … so we locked them a friday afternoon in a loft at IMAL, the center for digital cultures and technology to meet digital creatives, play with new digital devices, learn about news softwares and techniques, and share some junk food. Here are some blurry pictures.

I take this opportunity to remind all our readers that Emakina is actively recruiting. Have a look at our jobs opportunities.

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