Emakina’s Multiple Newly Certified Talents

Author: Luc Malcorps

 ‘A relationship is like a shark.
It constantly has to move forward or it dies’.
– Woody Allen

That’s how life is in a digital agency: we constantly move forward.

At Emakina, we have an intense relationship with the world, our clients, their community of users and with the multiple digital tools that shape modern life. But to keep that relationship exciting and fresh, we need to learn, discover, and innovate all the time… this way we not only survive, but we win strength and grow. And people who are part of this great (mind)venture expand their knowledge every day.

Permanent learning is their second nature, mastering all kinds of technologies and skills, from Sitefinity and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Agile/SCRUM, from various Microsoft Certifications to Hubspot, Selligent, Google, and more.

Agile collaboration

Via recent ‘Scrum Alliance’ trainings, nine (more) Emakinians now are Certified Scrum Masters. Congratulations to Cédric, Robin, Stefan, Julie, Glenn, François, Julie, Pierre, and Amandine.

Better than ever, they now master how to respond to change, create true customer collaboration, while valuing individuals and interactions, to create great working software that fully satisfies the customer.

The Sitefinity dream team

The 1-team, with Christophe Heerinckx in the lead, boosts its status as Progress Sitefinity Elite partner, with no less than 17 certifications.
With three Sitefinity Business Consultants, a newly certified Advanced Sitefinity Developer and a dozen Certified Sitefinity Developers, Emakina strengthens its position as top partner in Web Content Management.

Digital marketing in top gear

Digital marketers are happy campers at Emakina as well.
The expert team boosts its competences on a multitude of tools and platforms.

Ellen for instance recently sharpened her Marketing skills on Selligent, obtaining certification as Selligent Marketing V6 Consultant (Cheers!). She knows each customer is on a unique digital journey, and leverages Selligent’s integrated omnichannel marketing engagement platform, to help clients not only to be present but also persuasive in all contacts with their target audiences.

Amongst the other tools the team follows, there’s Hubspot, with Josi finishing certification for this software’s Inbound and Email marketing, Stefan for Inbound marketing and sales, and Quentin for Inbound Marketing as well.

And the list goes on… we also congratulate Luca, the new proud holder of a Google Analytics – IQ and AdWords certification, and his colleague Robin, Google certified for Analytics and Mobile Sites. This tool is amazingly rich and precise. And in the hands of these fine colleagues, you have the power to measure your advertising ROI in detail, as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

The tech team accumulates certifications

The tech team naturally keeps on innovation and adding certifications.
For instance, there’s Jean-Bernard who now can call himself a Google Certified Associate Android Developer. And we also tip our hat to Glenn, Certified Scrum Master, Microsoft Certified Professional with expertise in .net Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications, who reached on top of that Umbraco 4, Level 1 and 2.

And what about our ever friendly expert Jeroen? This clever geek not only excels in funny mails to welcome his new colleagues, he’s also an amazing developer and holder of a badge as Advanced UML for Business Analysts.
UML, you ask? It’s short for Unified Modelling Language!

Emakina’s friendly Flying Scotsman Austin, who works at the Brussels office, also upped his certification level. This remarkable software engineering created his own highly advanced voice-command tool to speed up his developers’ work. And it really works fluently (unlike others who tried to make voice recognition for a Scoat-ish àccént).

All kidding aside, Austin recently obtained all three Microsoft Azure certifications: Cloud Programming, Cloud IT Pro, and Cloud Architect. That’s quite an achievement, since you need to combine knowledge of programming, IT and architecture. This makes Austin certified across both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft cloud platforms, increasing his insight in complex programming and architecture issues.

Multiple Microsoft certifications

Well done to Younes and Vincent, who are certified as Microsoft Solutions Web Applications Developers (MCSD). And two more developers won extra Microsoft powers: Karim and Kéren are certified in HTML5 Programming with JavaScript and CSS3 (70-480).

Vincent also adds an MCSA, like his colleague Christophe. For us muggles, MCSA is short for Microsoft Systems Administrator certification. Francois is also Microsoft certified, as Technology Specialist (MCTS!), with a SharePoint certification as a bonus.


We’ve maybe missed some newly certified colleagues (Sorry, amigos).
And no doubt someone is right now finishing an online course or entering the final answers to a new online or IRL test, graduating in a class of their own. So… ‘Kudos to you all!’

It is part of the magic of Emakina.
Encouraging talent, training and personal growth
are part of Emakina’s corporate culture.
It’s embedded in the company policies and actions,
yet remains spontaneous, natural.

Like dolphins can swim

So, we’re very much alive at Emakina, merrily cutting through the high seas of technology and innovation at high speed.

And really, we don’t operate like lone sharks constantly moving forward (as dear Woody says). We’re more like a school of dolphins, learning all the time, working in teams, helping each other, swimming through work and life with noble agility and playful enthusiasm!


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