Emakina creates new B2B webshop Bugaboo Business


Bugaboo, the iconic Dutch stroller brand, launches a new online platform for the B2B market: Bugaboo Business. As a digital partner, Emakina is responsible for the design and development in Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. With this new platform, Bugaboo addresses the need to serve small and medium-sized retailers quickly and safely.


Renewed B2B e-commerce environment

With this platform Bugaboo provides its resellers with a complete and accurate product overview and extensive product information. Resellers can also easily place orders and have up-to-date insight into their orders through a personal login. Another new feature is that they can now deliver ordered products directly to the customer via dropshipping.

Phased international rollout

The platform is accessible through a business login in Canada and the United States. The initial results and reactions are promising. Both the average order value and the conversion rate have risen substantially.

Rein Droog, Vice President of Global IT at Bugaboo says: “A fast launch was crucial to realize Bugaboo’s growth ambition. Within 10 weeks we went live in the first two countries. “

Kees de Koning, B2B expert at Emakina.NL adds: “To achieve such a quick roll out, a direct and focused approach was needed: short lines of communication, a lot of decisiveness and a healthy dose of pragmatism.” 

In 2020 Bugaboo and Emakina have the ambition to roll out the platform worldwide in more than 40 countries, including the Netherlands.

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