Emakina Delivers New Website for Wildlife Park Pairi Daiza

Author: Thomas Halter

Last May, renowned Belgian wildlife park Pairi Daiza presented its new website, developed by Emakina. In about three months, our teams designed immersive webpages presenting the park’s various biospheres, points of interest and practical information, within seamless and efficient navigation. Built on Drupal 8, the platform offers Pairi Daiza the possibility to implement content, alongside their own ticketing and resort minisites. Check out Pairi Daiza’s website here.

Emakina and Pairi Daiza: expert builders of dreams working together

This collaboration made sense: Emakina and Pairi Daiza both offer their clients the best possible user experience in their respective sectors. While children and adults alike have stars in their eyes when visiting “the best zoo in Europe“, Emakina’s clients often watch in awe when our experts provide them with new concepts, technologies, and platforms designed to boost their business, user equity, and brand value. Top it all with the wide diversity of Emakinian characters as well as a broad variety of expertise, and the poetic comparison with the various worlds and many species living in the Walloon park will spark a few laughs from those who know a little bit about both the park and our digital agency. In the end, we are all using our expertise to deliver memorable user experiences.

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