Emakina.NL takes the modern approach to HR Management with Marlous Helderman

Author: Lara Vreeke

We are pleased  to announce that Marlous Helderman started  as HR Manager at Emakina.NL. Marlous joined the management team, with over fifteen years of experience in the HR field. In the past eight years, Marlous has been working at the Dentsu Aegis Network, after which she had a short adventure at Relay42. We are thrilled to welcome her to Emakina.NL!

Recruitment and employee development will be Marlous’ focus, she is eager to support the culture at Emakina.NL and, in her own words: “make sure talented people get in and make sure they stay happy.” Regarding her own first weeks at the company, Marlous concluded that: “From the moment I joined, the atmosphere was open and welcoming. It is a really nice environment to start in when you’re new. The team is eager to make a difference and has great enthusiasm and drive.”

Marlous has a forward-thinking and modern approach to HR management. She sees it as her mission to ensure that Emakina is one of the best employers to work for: “HR is not about creating dull policies and rules, it is about creating the right framework, that supports the people and the business.”

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