Emakina’s David te Kloese awarded as 2018 Kentico MVP

Author: Meriem Alami

In case you missed it, our very own David te Kloese, Practice Lead Kentico at Emakina.NL, is recently awarded Kentico 2018 ‘Most Valued Professional’ (MVP) status.

David is now one of only ten worldwide participants of the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program of Kentico, supplier of a complete solution for CMS, e-commerce and online marketing. The Kentico MVP Award is designed to recognize individuals who have been active members of the community for the past 12 months. Kentico MVP’s are engaged community advocates who listen and promote CMS and.NET while fostering collaboration and providing guidance to developers.

We sat down with David to find out exactly what this status means for him, for Emakina, and our clients.

1. David, tell us something about yourself.

My name is David te Kloese and I’m Practice Lead Kentico at Emakina based in Amsterdam. I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands, together with my girlfriend and daughter.

2. Have you always had a passion for technology?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been stuck to a keyboard or joystick as much as I could. I first got into ‘development’ at high-school, and haven’t stopped building applications for online and offline, for desktop, mobile or even calculators since.

3. When did you first start working with Kentico?

I started with Kentico development in 2011. Which was on Kentico version 5.5 R2 at the time.

4. What do you like best about working with Kentico?

I like Kentico because next to is vast amount of features it’s easily extendable or customizable to your needs. Secondly the people behind the product are really interested in your opinions, always available to help, and just great people you can also have a laugh with.

5. What are your contributions to the Kentico community?

Next to writing articles for my blog, I’m active on Twitter, LinkedIn and the Q&A forum on Devnet. I’ve also presented at or had Q&A-like roles during the Kentico events and Benelux User Groups.

6. What does it mean to get the MVP status, both personally and professionally?

It’s an absolute honor to be recognized and to be part of this small group of amazing people. I’ve been part of it since 2016 and it’s an amazing experience so far. Kentico values the opinion of the MVP’s and we’ll get to help them to improve the product. They also give us access and insights to help Kentico users even more. I’ve got to meet great people all around the globe.

7. How will your status impact Emakina’s clients?

The thing I like doing most is helping people to achieve their goals. My experience solving issues is helpful for any project. Kentico has great out-of-the-box features. But only when used correctly you can utilize it to its full extent.

Emakina is a Kentico Gold Partner and has developed over 100 Kentico websites over the years.

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