Employer branding with LinkedIn Professional Solutions

Author: Romain Dehaudt, Head of Revenue & Operations

During the 5th annual Communica communications event in Geneva, Arnaud Grobet held a conference with two LinkedIn experts, Fabrice Offret and Olivier Sinson. They discussed how Linkedin benefits employer branding and modern marketing.

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Arnaud Grobet, managing partner of Emakina.CH and among the first million Linkedin members, began a discussion with two LinkedIn experts with a presentation of his personal and professional profiles. A synthesis of what you could discover about him online. At the end of his introduction, he said to the audience “Since you know now a little bit more about me, it will be easier for you to connect with me in the real world, as well as online”. This illustrated how the Internet has influenced relationships globally.

Starting from there, LinkedIn‘s experts, Fabrice Offret (Talent Solutions) and Olivier Sinson (Marketing Solutions) used Arnaud Grobet and Tesla Motors as a simulation to show how to start or improve your employer branding and how to better recruit. They also showed how to modernize your Marketing Communications to increase sales of products and/or services.


LinkedIn Talent Solutions to better recruit

Fabrice Offret started by showing the kind of interesting data you could find about someone on LinkedIn and how a company could use this to attract potential employees. After saying “Everything starts on the user starting page”, he demonstrated the opportunities throughout the entire platform:

  • -how Tesla could show a potential interesting job to Arnaud on his homepage,
  • -how the profile of the HR Director or another employee of the carmaker will influence Arnaud,
  • -how to transform an employee into a Brand Ambassador,
  • -how to spread it employer branding,
  • -how to better identify, engage and recruit an active, but also passive candidate,

and many more possibilities.


The Employee Value Proposition

Arnaud Grobet pointed out that employer branding is a Global Ecosystem, not only consisting of LinkedIn. According to him the minimum required is a good EVP (Employee Value Proposition), a good recruitment section on your company website (or if you’re big enough a recruiting website) and finally at least a good presence on LinkedIn.

Those are essential, but there is plenty of complementary channels that could help to increase your impact. “But the rule is always the same” he said, “better to use less channels but with perfection, than a lot with poor contents”.

Marketing Solutions to promote

Then Olivier Sinson pointed out how data from Arnaud Grobet’s profile can be used to make him a potential customer. He demonstrated how luxury brands such as Ferrari and Panerai could target Arnaud, using display advertising, introducing sponsored updates and sponsored Inmails.

LinkedIn’s Company Page, lets you market your business to the LinkedIn community. You can tell your company’s story and give customers and prospects a place to learn about your business, your employees and your brand.

“You can display ads on various LinkedIn pages, including profile pages, home pages, inbox, search results pages and group pages“ says Olivier Sinson.

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With Sponsored Updates, you can extend your reach by delivering updates into the feeds of members beyond those already following your company.


And InMail, lets you reach anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction or contact information. You get professional, credible outreach with your LinkedIn profile attached.


If you want to know more about LinkedIn Talent and Marketing Solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


LinkedIn was founded in 2003 to connect the world’s professionals, making them more productive and successful. With over 313 million members worldwide (with 2 new members each second), including executives from every Fortune 500 Company, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.


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