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Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Last weekend was the get together for the first and already infamous (or should we say ING-famous) ING Hackathon. For this exciting new initiative, geeks united at the ING headquarters in Brussels on March 29th, to be part of an epic 48 hour student hackathon, with a ticket to Silicon valley at the finish for the winners…


As the SYTYCC blog shows, it was a lively and fun event, with even a free (orange) Hitchhiker’s Guide towel included for those who were part of the journey. ‘The Bank of Tomorrow’ was the focus for the 12 teams that were selected to compete at ‘So You Think You Can Code’, in short #SYTYCC (with plenty of tweets too, of course).

Emakina’s CEO Brice Le Blévennec was happy to accept the invitation to be on the jury of the event. He has a personal interest in the creative ways you can use technology to innovate and was a hacker himself; it is the foundation on which he started Emakina. Together with the other jury members, he looked for what he calls the ‘Golden Trio’ : a UX genius, a Technical guru and a Business mastermind.

According to Brice, to win the Hackathon, your idea needs to be simple. The idea needs to be realistic, but innovative. And it needs to be actionable today. Good timing changes everything …

Congratulations to the first prize winners Kristof, Kimberly, Jens and Sander from Thomas More. Their LockIt puts you in control of your own payment security. Lock your cards wherever you are. Put limits on spending depending on your location. A payment is going out without you knowing about it? Accept or ignore at will.

winnersAnd the winners are… Kristof, Kimberly, Jens and Sander from Thomas More! (Photo:ING)

Brice on the event: ‘I accepted to join the jury to see all the great ‘hacks’ the new generation is capable of. I must say I was very impressed with the level of projects and prototypes these student teams delivered. Respect! It really gave me a kick to see these young minds at work, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s edition!’

 Winners_Straight_lineThe winning team, 30 minutes before deadline… ‘DON’T PANIC!     (Photo:Brice)



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