Innovative applications for Base

Author: José Luis Santos

The intense collaboration between BASE and Design is Dead has been going strong for more than a decade.

Since 2004, a dedicated team of top talents works on innovative online solutions at the BASE offices in Brussels. The Dealer Portal is one of the many digital applications we developed for the national mobile operator.

Dealer Portal

When Apple decided to launch a flagship store in Brussels, the company partnered up with all major Belgian telecom operators to add tariff plans to their store. We created a flawless order process for Apple store employees with minimal training.

We sat down with the Apple team and checked authentication and usability requirements for their iPads, which we enriched with the BASE Company requirements. Then we came up with a straightforward web application that incorporates every conceivable variant of the sales flows. This was only the beginning; the dealer portal will be expanded with a lot of additional functions and features for other dealers and BASE shops.

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